Arrow Run

Made for the MyFirstGameJam Summer 2017!

Arrow Run is a fast-paced auto-scroller platformer made in PICO-8!

Use your platformer and aiming skills to dodge spikes, collect coins and hit targets on this retro arcade-like game!

I recommend playing on the official PICO-8 website >here<

How to play

  • Collect all coins and hit all targets!
  • Use the ARROW KEYS to move LEFT and RIGHT!
  • Press Z to jump!
  • Hold X to charge the bow and release it to shoot!
  •  You can shoot coins to collect them!
  • Press P to pause the game.

Little tips

  • The reach of your shot will depend on how much you hold X!
  • The speed and angle of your arrow will slightly vary acording with the momentum of the player at the moment you shoot!
  • While holding X you can still move and jump, so don't be afraid to hold that shot!

Future Plans

With v1.3 out, I think I will not be updating this for a while. Thank you being in here though, and thank you for playing! If you want to follow my other projects or whatever I do next just check my Twitter (@guimm12).  Cheers!

Contact: @guimm12

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Fast-Paced, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro

Development log


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Finished the game, and I gotta say I loved every single level! It was quite challenging, but I liked it :)


Wow this is a hard game. I love it. Love hate relationship with the messages it leaves for me every time I die. I love the interface.


Great game. Rather difficult, but each level is bite-sized thankfully. I wished that I could somehow hold my arrow at a particular strength because timing my jump and the arrow strength at the same time (plus avoiding spikes and parsing the next part of the level) is a lot to ask for!


Oooooh man, I am bad at platformers but this one... actually it was also difficult for me, but that's not a bad thing! I liked that it looked so simple but had all these neat mechanics.