v1.3 is out! (Probably no more updates for a while)

This update took a lot more time to make than I expected. It doesn't add much to the gameplay, but it does give the polish I wanted.

The game is now avaible at the pico-8 website: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=29887. I recommend playing it there, I noticed a lot of weird things when testing here on itch.io and had to take some things off so it worked properly.

Patch notes:

  • Added a main menu.
  • The game will now be saved automatically at the start of each level (you can load the save from the menu).
  • Added a new song! (for the last level).
  • Added a counter at the end of the game that tells the player his amount of failed attempts (deaths + times he missed coins/targets).
  • Added a small 3-stars achievement system:

1st star: completed the game!

2nd star: completed the game twice! (I know, very creative)

3rd star: completed the game with no failed attempts!

  • A lot of really small changes that I don't remember.

Note: Reseting the game to much may cause you to get your saved data corrupted (it's a intentional pico-8 thing). You can still just refresh the page though.


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Sep 03, 2017

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